• Ever Heard Of A Volcanologist (and Other Science Careers)

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    June 10, 2021 /  Technology and Science

    If you have decided that you want a career in science but are not sure which field to choose then you should look at all available options to see which most interests you. There are literally hundreds of scientific fields and many of these have a shortage of specialists. With that said, if you can commit yourself to a particular science career then you are likely to have a career for life. Science careers are rewarding and can be well paid.

    So what sort of science careers are there? Some to consider include:

    – Ecologist: Studies of nature and ecology
    – Astronomy: Study of space
    – Biologist: Study of living things
    – Volcanologist: Study of volcanoes [a branch of geology]
    – Engineer: Can take many forms in many different sectors. Generally to do with designing structures
    – Science Teacher: Person who teaches science at school, college or university
    – Geologist: Study of rocks, minerals and Earth processes
    – Computer Scientist: Study advanced computer technology like virtual reality and robots
    – Physicist: Study of the forces of the universe
    – Chemist: Either a lab technician or a pharmacist
    – Zoologist: Study of animals in captivity
    – Medicine: Study of human health
    – Archaeologist: Study of past civilizations, fossils and other ancient objects

    The above are just a few of the hundreds of possible careers in science. Medicine is also considered a science and as such, becoming a doctor also involves studying science, particularly biology and chemistry. The earth sciences like geology, archaeology and volcanology are extremely exciting fields that are always moving forward fast. They can also provide qualified people with the chance to travel to the world to study scenarios the world over.

    To become a qualified scientist in any field you must undertake a bachelor’s degree in the field of your choice. Many scientists then choose to take on post graduate study to further their knowledge and to specialize in a sub-niche of their chosen sector of the scientific field. Many opt to undertake a doctorate and become a professor however this is usually only after many years are spent in the field.

    Whichever science career you choose, make sure it is one you are passionate about and feel you can undertake forever. Because many scientific careers blend into one another, it is possible to change fields throughout your career and shift to a related scientific career. Without a doubt science careers are very satisfying, challenging and rewarding.

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